(verdinexor tablets)
Conditionally approved by FDA pending a full demonstration of effectiveness under application number 141-526.

Laverdia-CA1 is the first oral tablet FDA conditionally approved to treat lymphoma in dogs. While it is not a replacement for CHOP Chemotherapy protocols, it is a drug that can expand access to treatment due to lower cost and added convenience of at home dosing.

  • It can be a useful option for dogs whose owners decline an oncology referral.
  • It can be an interim treatment while waiting for an oncologist appointment.
  • It can even be used after a time of remission and the patient relapses.
  • Caretakers should wear protective disposable chemotherapy resistant gloves when handling Laverdia-CA1
  • Conditional approval is given to products that are demonstrated to be safe and that have a reasonable expectation of effectiveness when used under the conditions described in the labeling.
  • An additional clinical trial will be conducted in dogs to demonstrate full effectiveness.
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